Factors Impacting Your Ability To Meet The Solicitation Requirements

As you write your technical approach proposal, the source selection board will look at certain factors that may impact your ability to meet the RFP requirements.

This may include the following:

Overall technical approach,

Key personnel and qualifications,

Relevant past performance;

Project transition plans;

Small business subcontracting plans;

Management approach;

Contractor facilities, and other state RFP requirements.

The first level of the government’s proposal evaluation is to determine whether your technical  proposal meets the minimum requirements of the solicitation. If not, then your bid may be immediately thrown out from further consideration. The government makes this decision to see whether your proposal is acceptable or unacceptable when measured against the stated evaluation criteria.

Technical Approach Proposal & Evaluation Criteria

In almost all government proposals, evaluations often give heavier weight to your technical proposal. Other factors such as Capability and Past Performance, utilization of small businesses, and  quality control approaches.

The federal government may evaluate your technical approach based on your Quality Control Plan and Safety; Plan of Operations, qualifications of key personnel, demonstrating a clear understanding of the proposal requirements and more.

Providing more detail is better than too little;

Never assumes that the agency knows who you are;

Meeting more than the basic solicitation requirements can lead to technical strengths.



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