Engineering services are vital to Australia’s economic prosperity and its social well-being.

The benefits flowing to Australians from the success of the nation’s mining and other wealth generating activities are underpinned by the significant contribution made to the establishment and operation of these industries by highly skilled engineering professionals. Similarly the design and delivery of critical infrastructure and major nation building projects depend on the application of engineering skills of the highest calibre.

Australia is fortunate to have a solid foundation of internationally respected engineering experience and expertise in its engineering firms, universities and professional associations. However, as Australia strives to become a seamless national economy with competition – internal and external – driving ongoing productivity growth, we believe the inconsistent legislation creates barriers and layers of red tape that hinder some of the most important service providers within the economy – engineers – need to be considered and addressed.

Engineers play a key role in our economy and provide crucial skills and services that impact on our day to day lives. Like other professionals, engineers have a high degree of responsibility and liability imposed on them by courts and regulators. Many other professions and trades with similar or lesser levels of community responsibility already have a statutory registration system.
Australian Governments – through COAG – are developing national systems for trade and professional qualifications. A profession as important as engineering should undergo a similar process. Such a scheme would also reduce the current costs of doing business for both engineers and industry by simplifying compliance requirements and removing red tape.

There is a set of standards and skills that are expected from engineers. These are well established through Engineers Australia’s accreditation of engineering programs delivered by Australian Universities and the Australian Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2 as applied to the National Professional Engineers Register. A national statutory registration system is an appropriate mechanism for identifying engineers with such skills, ensuring these standards and skills are well maintained and for dealing with engineers who fail to meet those standards and skills.
Many of Australia’s trading partners have statutory registration of engineers and place faith in a statutory based comprehensive registration system. Registration in the country of origin usually facilitates registration in other countries and a national scheme will support this

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