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here are four categories of engineering occupation that prevail in Australia as accredited by the complying body of Engineers Australia. The different types of career are enumerated below.

  • Professional Engineer

The academic qualification required in this scheme of the profession is the completion of twelve years of schooling along with four years of Australian Qualification in Bachelors of Engineering. The professional engineers are accountable for a host of functional areas, namely, assessment of engineering system, leadership and management style in controlling of human capital, problem solving measures relating to applications and systems etc.

  • Engineering Associate

The academic qualifications necessary in this regard are Australian Diploma the in advanced engineering of two years and completion of twelve years of formal schooling or equivalent. The main responsibilities include programming and supervision of specific engineering systems.

  • Engineer Manager

The academic qualification required for such role is Masters or bachelors in the discipline. The duties and responsibilities of engineering manager cover, administration of overall engineering practices and strategic planning and others. Supervision of entire operations also is construed as a role of engineer manager.

  • Technologists

This calls for twelve years of formal schooling adding to those two years of Australian degree in Bachelors of Technology. The engineering technologists bring to the fray important activities, mainly, designing of programming language codes, modification, and establishment of latest engineering techniques and application or implementation of the same.

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