Engineers Australia provides fair and accurate skills assessment services to engineers who wish to migrate to Australia. As the designated assessing authority for engineering occupations, we utilise our expertise to administer impartial assessments appropriate to every applicant.

Engineers Australia promotes a guarantee of excellence for our migration services. We are trusted by the Department of Home Affairs, utilised by engineers around the world and associated with prestigious international accords and organisations.

Migrating to a new country takes a lot of work.  Explore the pages below for helpful information and materials that will guide you through the migration process.

As proponents of a better future for both Australia and engineers of all types, Engineers Australia supports your scholastic efforts through a variety of programs and membership benefits. We accredit engineering courses for tertiary institutions and provide additional life-long training through Engineering Education Australia.

We understand that lecture halls and school labs are only components of your education — we seek to complement these with real world experience and participation in special interest groups, technical societies and special events.

Engineers Australia is committed to both education and those being educated. As a prospective engineer, you hold the potential to create change in your industry, country and the world. Start your future now with Engineers Australia.

Engineers Australia communities and groups

Engineers Australia is home to over 100,000 members from the full range of engineering occupations and at all career stages. Our members’ interests are as diverse as their backgrounds and skills. Wherever you sit in the broad world of engineering and whatever your passions, this is a place for you to connect with like-minded peers.

Our Colleges and National Committees and Panels cover a wide area of engineering disciplines. We have Special Interest Groups that empower key member segments. Technical Societies are fantastic groups for driven engineers, each with their own technical focus, history and dedicated participants.

For a better understanding of the many communities that make up Engineers Australia, explore the pages below. For region-focused networking check out our Divisions and Regional Groups.

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