Dissertations are an important part of scientific research. They represent the researcher
and the university as well as their scientific and research-oriented capabilities. It is
necessary that the processes and operating procedures related to dissertations are
transparent, support high-quality research, and maintain the criteria of scientific research.
Common and clear procedures also enhance the legal protection of the doctoral

The purpose of the instructions is to unify the examination process of dissertations in
faculties and to function as part of the quality assurance of scientific postgraduate degree
education and the related research. The instructions clarify the responsibilities, work
allocation, and operation methods of faculties, supervisors, doctoral candidates, preexaminers,
and opponents.

First, a thesis is supposed to demonstrate that you can take a project and bring it to a
genuine conclusion – very different from the usual undergraduate term paper that is not revised.
after the teacher sees it and that is usually done during the last week before it is due. A thesis
provides, then, a new kind of work and frequently a new kind of skill.
Pick a topic that will help you professionally. Employers will sometimes ask about your
thesis or even want to see it – especially if you go into some branch of education. Your choice
of thesis can help you get a job or hold one.
Pick a topic that you are happy to talk about at a cocktail party. People will often ask you,
in making conversation, “What is your thesis about?” A good test of your wisdom in picking a
topic is the amount of pleasure you get in answering. Here’s why: A thesis project involves some
frustrating times; your personal interest in your topic is your best help in getting through that
A thesis should be useful. You’ll be happier about doing a thesis if you feel that somebody
will use it. And you’ll want to do a better job if you feel that somebody will read and use your
thesis. It is even better if the thesis is useful not just at the moment of completion, but also later.
It should not be a snapshot of information that immediately becomes dated; the thesis should
ideally be something with information you can talk about and that people can use for years.
If you are going into any branch of education, try to make your thesis something that can
become a journal article; such articles look very good on resumes.

Source : https://www.jou.ufl.edu/grad/forms/Guidelines-for-writing-thesis-or-dissertation.pdf

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