Research is commonly known to be search for knowledge. Research is an art of scientific search for specific information. According to Clifford Woody, research comprises defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions, collecting, organizing and evaluating data, making deductions and reaching conclusion and further testing the conclusion whether they fit into formulating hypothesis. Research Methodology is a scientific and systematic way of finding problem to a solution. In this research, researcher has studied various steps as mentioned above for research associated problem along with the logic behind them. For this study, researcher must know various research techniques like mean, mode, median, frequency distribution, standard deviation or CHI-Square and need to analyze that which of these techniques are relevant to his or her research. Thus for any systematic research study, a scientific approach is necessary. It is therefore, essential to conceive and plan a systematic design to arrive at an appropriate conclusion. All the business undertakings are operating in the world of uncertainty, but research design, more than any other procedure, can minimize the degree of uncertainty to a greater extent.


This method of data collection is quite common and popular and it is applicable for detailed enquiries. Questionnaire is a set of questions focused on specific topic or specialized area. This questionnaire can be divided into subsets depending on the subtopics of specialized area. This method is generally adopted by research workers, private and public organizations, as well as government organizations also. In this method, usually a questionnaire is sent to a respondent with a request to answer the questions and return the questionnaire. The respondents have to answer the questions on their own.

Today, as we are in an era of information technology the method of collecting data by mailing the questionnaires is most extensively employed in various economic and business surveys. The major advantages of this method are no geographical constraints for global survey, low cost; respondents get sufficient time to go through questionnaire and can handle large samples in order to get reliable and precise results. The only major disadvantage is that it is time-consuming as compared to other methods of data collection where constant follow-up is needed. This method of data collection is adopted by the researcher considering the advantages as discussed above. Researcher prepared a questionnaire based on different Information security policies, security standards and procedures (baselines) [5] which are globally accepted. This questionnaire is designed for twelve different domains. These domains are user access, data access, Physical access, Internet access, e-mails access, software acquisition, Hardware acquisition, outsourcing, digital signature, Business continuity planning and Disaster Recovery planning, Network and telecom security and Security organization structure. Each domain represents a subset of entire questionnaire

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