This Present post provide u a see through on present process of  submitting an application for migration skills assessment and provides an introduction to the application requirements

Occupational Categories in Engineering

Engineers Australia recognizes three occupational categories within the engineering team in Australia:

• Professional Engineer
• Engineering Technologist
• Engineering Associate
For migration purposes, the additional category of Engineering Manager is also recognised.

The CDR assessment is based primarily upon the undergraduate qualification and demonstrated graduate competencies (refer to Appendix). Please follow these instructions carefully when compiling your CDR application for migration skills assessment.
Applicants need to provide documentary evidence of BOTH:
• The core technical engineering knowledge supporting the nominated occupation AND;
• The demonstrated application of that knowledge in the nominated occupation.

The CDR must be all your own work. All typed components of the CDR must be done using a word processor and you are strongly advised to keep a copy.

  • How you have applied your engineering knowledge and skills;
  • That such application meets the competency standards of the relevant occupational category in Australia.

The major assessable features of the CDR are your narratives written in English of three career episodes and a Summary Statement of the competency elements you:

CDR covers


3 Career Episodes



Summary statement

You are required to present an account of your engineering activities on each of three separate career episodes.

A career episode is a documented component of your engineering education and/or work experience which captures a particular period or distinct aspect of your engineering activity.

It needs to clearly demonstrate the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation, not the acquisition of knowledge.

It may be:

An engineering task undertaken as part of your educational program;

  • A project you have worked on or are currently working on;
  • A specific position that you occupied or currently occupy;
  • A particular engineering problem that you were required to solve.

Each career episode must be in your own words and must be written in English.

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